Labyrinth Lost book online by Zoraida Cordova


After a couple awful choices, Alex unintentionally throws her whole family away at her deathday festivity, while attempting to play out a cantos to dispose of her forces as opposed to grasping them. This leaves the adventure of her and a kid who claims he knows the best approach to Los Lagos to safeguard her family.

This story is told in three sections. The initial segment is in Brooklyn, NY. The second part is Alex and Nova entering Los Lagos, which was truly reminiscent to me of Narnia, despite the fact that I believe it should be a limbo, and I cherished each second of it. I particularly cherished Agosto and whatever is left of his fae. At that point, ultimately, the third part is their showdown at the Tree of Souls, where her family is being held without wanting to.

This story was a decent astonish; I cherished the Latin-American point of view, and was so content with the acknowledgment of Alex’s cross-sexuality. Her entire family didn’t overemphasize it, since it’s truly not a major ordeal, but rather that is hard for a great deal of creators to figure it out. There was no show paving the way to it, there was no pointless tension as a result of it, it was simply common, acknowledged, and delightfully done. I truly valued it.

This all being said, despite everything I need to caution you that there is an adoration triangle. All things considered, there will likely be an affection triangle later down the line of this arrangement. Alex, in my eyes, dependably settles on her decision clear, however I can in any case see the triangle creating with its sharp points prepared to pierce my heart.

“Not all affections are intended to keep going forever. Some smolder like flame until there is nothing left except for fiery debris and dark ink on skin.”

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