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Kids of Appetite by David Arnold.The genre of ‘Kids of Appetite’ is Literature and Fiction.Vic, Bruno Victor Benucci II, is suffering with Moebius syndrome and neurological illness which has partly paralyzes his face. Two years back his father died due to pancreatic cancer and his father’s death deeply disturbed him. When Frank, a widower and the father of Klint and Kory, and his mother’s boyfriend, proposed Vic’s mother in front of him, shattered him badly. In the night he packed his bagpack and took the urn of his father’s ashes and ran away from his house.

On the way Vic met Mad, Madeline Falco, directs him to the greenhouse’Kids of Appetite’, where many other homeless and orphan kids are staying. Baz, a twenty seven year old coach and unauthorized guardian of the immature children of the ‘Kids of Appetite’ is caught as suspect of murder of Lester, who was a brutal drunker and Mad’s uncle. Mad is living in the ‘Kids of Appetite’ under Baz’s guardianship.

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Police is expecting Vic and Mad as the eye witnesses of the murder. So police is taking their statements and interrogating them to find the truth.

Baz also wants to write a book and in his book he wants to write the story of the people he met and how he had impacted positively on their lives. But when Baz and other members of ‘Kids of Appetite’ found that Vic is having his father’s ashes with a list of places where senior Benucci wanted to scattered them, they all decided to help Vic in fulfilling the last wish of senior Benucci.Read & Download Kids of Appetite by David Arnold pdf, Epub, Kindle.

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