Journey’s End (Gilded Promises) by Renee Ryan Kindle

Journey’s End (Gilded Promises) by Renee Ryan Kindle

Journeys-end-renee-ryanHaving experienced childhood with the mean avenues of nineteenth-century London, Caroline St. James is accustomed to battling to survive.

So when her adored mother—surrendered and disregarded by her affluent family—all of a sudden kicks the bucket, the sketchy twenty-two-year-old devises an arrangement to right this unpleasant off-base. With nothing to lose, she sails to New York to discover the man who turned a brush off to her mom’s agony: Caroline’s granddad. To settle the family score, Caroline invades her granddad’s favored world, planning to harm his business from within. In any case, as she gets her plot under way, she meets Jackson Montgomery, a righteous man who is attempting to recoup from his very own family embarrassment. As their fellowship develops, and Caroline starts to sort out the thought processes that drove her family to turn its back, she is compelled to settle on a choice: Should she hazard everything for the sake of equity? Then again would she be able to look toward the future and let affection and absolution manage her?

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