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“Ivory and Bone” is written by Julie Eshbaugh.The genre of ‘Ivory and Bone’ is Literature and Fiction.Kol is seventeen year old, eldest son of the high Elder of his tribe. He and his younger brother are of the age of marriage but there is no girl for marriage in their tribe. Kol does hunting, collection and safety of his family. But his life changes when a group from the tribe of the south came and made an agreement with their tribe. In their tribe there are two marriageable girls which are suitable for Kol and his younger brother. Kol and Mya are suitable for each other according to Kol as she is also seventeen year old and very beautiful and strict. A tough fellowship develops between Kol and Mya when she protects him from an attacking saber tooth during mammoth hunting.

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In spite of his deeds of appreciation, Kol cannot interpret or predict Mya’s feelings for him. And this makes him more confused about his own feelings for her and make his relationship more complex. Lo, from the tribe of the North comes to live in Kol’s tribe with some destructive intentions, the situations turns more complicated. As Kol and Lo are coming closer, the tension between Mya and Lo increasing and results in violence. What would be Kol’s future and the result of the war between Lo and Mya? . Read & Download Ivory and Bone by Julie Eshbaugh pdf, Epub, Kindle, mobi.

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