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Island of Glass (Guardians Trilogy) by Nora Roberts

Island of Glass (Guardians Trilogy)” is written by Nora Roberts.The genre of ‘Island of Glass’ is Literature and Fiction.’Island of Glass’ is the final novel in Guardians Trilogy. The two novels are Bay of Sighs and Stars of Fortune.A hostile and revengeful goddess is hunting for three jewels. These three jewels are the falling stars, if she get them and control them, these stars will give her endless power and strength. And if she gets the powers of these falling stars then the whole world would be in great danger. To save the world from the vengeful goddess, six friends come together and joined forces to stop hostile goddess.

All the guardians reach to Ireland in search of Star of Ice. Doyle Mac Cleirich is a soldier and also an unenthusiastic genius. Now he has to face his deadly past as he took a vow that he will never come back to his home. But destiny always has surprises and plans.

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Riley, the guardian, is an archaeologist and she is familiar to the coast of Clare, the wild. She felt that she is a doubtful character who is casted by the dark goddess, the one who wants something more dangerous than the stars and the guardians’s blood. They reached to the final star and the cryptic Island of Glass by following the clues they got when they searched Irish history.

Doyle is always alone by tendency but now he finds himself attracted towards Riley. On the other side Riley also felt attracted towards Doyle and she also admits it just a fling. Riley and Doyle are determined to risk their lives in the battle field. The chase is cursed to failure if they save them without love.

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