Into White by Randi Pink

Into White by Randi Pink

“Into White” is written by Randi Pink.The genre of ‘Into White’ is Literature and Fiction.White’ is Randi Pink’s fiction debut novel.

LaToya Williams or Toya, is a black girl, living in Montgomery, Alabama. She is studying in a mostly white high school. She has her own problems, but the supermost is her black colour. The white people of her town don’t like black people. Thesame is in her school. Her elder brother Alex is also in the same school and he is the only one who sports Toya. alex is a sweet, smart and intelligent boy. He always wears weird T-shirts. Both of them have troubling parents as they busy in arguing with each other on silly matters also. Only one thing on which they agree is Jesus Christ.

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Toya want to be popular, feel special and thinks that her life should be different and exciting if she is white. She always prays to God to be “anything but black”. One day Jesus replied to her desperate prayers and turned her whit. When she woke up and looked into the mirror she was surprised as she was with blue eyes and blonde hair white girl. She was very happy with this change and soon she is a popular girl in the town. But with time Toya finds that sometime things are not as pretty as they seems. Now what will happen in white blond Toya’s life?

Randi Pink has selected a very interesting topic. She has beautifully writes about the problems as black, as a girl and as a black girl. In the book there is also balance between serious, sweet and funny moments. It might be a controversial topic but a truth of society.

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