Here’s to Us is by Elin Hilderbrand Ebook, Kindle.

Here’s to Us is by Elin Hilderbrand Ebook, Kindle.

Elin-hilderbrandThe “Here’s to Us” is a story of Chef Deacon Thrope who dies because of severe heart attack at the age of 53. ‘Here’s to Us’ is filled with affliction and adeversity and a very touching story. It also has deep burried secrets, unpleasant memories, interests and dependence between the three wives and their matured kids of ‘Chef Deacon Thrope’. But there is one thing common among all these three families ‘ great love for Deacon Thorpe’. Deacon is a celebrity chef who married three ladies: Laurel Thorpe, Belinda Rowe, and Scarlett Oliver. Laurel and Deacon were high school friends and lovers. She is simply beautiful and a social worker. Belinda is very famous Hollywood prima donna. Scarlett is a hot southern beauty soaring with astonishing looks. They have developed a very tender tolerance in many years and they always try to avoid each other to stay away from any type of clash between them.

After the sudden death of Deacon, their delecate passivity is endangers to crash, as they have to gather at Deacon’s favorite place in this world: a flimsy Nantucket summer cottage. It was Deacon’s last wish that his make-do family will come together to say him goodbye. And all the arrangements were done by Deacon’s best freind and executive, Buck. He planned the private memorial as per Deacon’s wish at his favorite palce Nantucket Island. Unwillingly, Laurel, Belinda, and Scarlett assembled on Nantucket Island. BUt now they all are captured in one over crowded cottage where three of them have their memories of their marriage and memories of their kids growing there and memories with their best friend Deacon.
Before the memorial ceromany and time to leave this island, all of them have allegations, tears, lies and lot of drama. As these three ex-wives show their hatred, the tension rises to its peek. The secrets they were hiding are breathtaking. their grownup children have their own tragic secrets and tensions. Even one of their child needs help critically. will they be able to come together and keep their differences back to say final goodbye to the man whom they love the most? will they make Deacon proud by coming together as a big family and carry “The Thorpe Legacy”.

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