Heartless by Marissa Meyer pdf, EPub, Kindle

Heartless by Marissa Meyer

“Heartless” is written by Marissa Meyer.The genre of’Heartless’ is Science Fiction and Fantasy.In ‘Heartless’ the author has delve into the world where Alice was living before falling down into the rabbit hole. Lady Catherine’s only wish was to start her own bakery with the help of her best friend. It would be the best bakery with the best baker. But her mother always told her that her dream is unattainable for the young girl who could be the next queen of the kingdom. She never wished to wear beautiful gowns or to attend the parties. She was the most wanted and beautiful girl in Wonderland. She was also the most favorite princess of the unmarried King of Hearts. She even had no dreams to marry a prince who is good in nature, humorous and bubbly. But there was something else in her destiny. She fell in love when she met Jest, the king’s enigmatic and handsome joker.

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Jest was on mission. He was send here by White Queen. He was supposed to abduct the heart of Lady Catherine and give it to the White Queen. She will use it to defeat the enemies of her domain. But Jest also fell in love with her. With the chances of offending the king and aggravating her parents, they went into an intensified and mysterious courtship. Catherine was persistent to make her own fate.

But in a land which was robusted with madness, monsters and magic, destiny had her own plans, secrets and ways.read & Download Heartless by Marissa Meyer pdf, EPub, Kindle.

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