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Gravity Falls: Journal 3 by Alex Hirsch and Rob Renzetti

Gravity-falls-Journal-3-by-alex-hirsch-and-rob-renzettiGravity Falls: Journal 3 by Alex Hirsch and Rob Renzetti and illustrated by Andy Gonsalves and Stephanie Ramirez.

The genre of ‘Gravity Falls’ is Action and Adventure.’Gravity Falls: Journal 3′ is the official oeuvre.This book has all the information from and about the show and also the notes of Dipper and Mabel. This book is designed mainly for the children of 8-12 age group and grade level 3-7. But this book is extremely famous and comical, entertains the readers of every age from a child to an adult. “Gravity Falls” is well written by Rob Renzetti and Alex Hirsch.

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Magnificent illustrations done by Stephanie Ramirez and Andy Gonsalves . This book is of 288 pages. The book has a full cover jacket turns into an exclusive and stunning poster. The front cover of the book has the ‘GF’ and ‘Disney’ logo. When this sleeve is removed it seems just as the book shown in the show.This book overflows with each and every scene shown on the show with more new pages with monsters and the secrets. It also have the Bill Cipher page.

The authors and the illustrators have spend time and effort on this book. It is the CLONE of the show.

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