Going Geek by Charlotte Huang


Going Geek is the main novel that I’ve perused by Charlotte Huang, in spite of the fact that I have heard astounding things about For the Record. When I caught wind of this one, I was eager to peruse it, since I thought it seemed like an extraordinary contemporary (and alright, that spread is so lovely), and I was interested about it. I adore books set in life experience school settings!

Skylar was truly anticipating her senior year at Winthrop, a prestigious all inclusive school where she has been the ruler honey bee, alongside her companion Whitney. She is eager to return, particularly after her mid year, which was spent tending to tables at the nation club as opposed to relaxing around perusing motion picture scripts with her mother, searching for the following enormous hit.

Notwithstanding, one letter changes everything – Skylar will never again be in Lincoln, the quarters she had been in since she was a first year recruit. Uncertain in the matter of how this has happened, she recently realizes that it will be a troublesome year without every last bit of her companions. When she discovers that she will be in Abbot House, the residence with the greater part of the “nerdy” kids in it that is basically off the guide, she is pulverized. When she gets the news that she will have a flat mate, she doesn’t know how she is going to take it.

To aggravate matters, Whitney has welcomed her closest companion Lila to go to the school for their senior year, and when Skylar winds up getting booted from the quarters, she thinks about whether it is on the grounds that Lila has taken her spot. To add to it, Lila additionally anticipates battling Skylar for her position on The Calendar, which is the most prominent club at Winthrop – the one that figures out which get-togethers will be permitted to happen on grounds. Goodness, and when it gets out that Skylar lied about her late spring?

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