Women's fiction

Furious Rush by S. C. Stephens

furious-rush-by-sc-stephensMackenzie Cox has a ton to demonstrate. Girl of a hustling legend, she is enthusiastic to demonstrate the world that she has acquired her dad’s ability in the male-commanded game of expert cruiser dashing. The exact opposite thing Kenzie needs is to be threatened by her opponent group’s most current rider, Hayden Hayes. Culled from the universe of illicit road dashing, Hayden instantly gets under Kenzie’s skin. His implications that Kenzie is a ruined princess who was given her vocation powers her longing to win, and much amazingly, Kenzie soon learns she performs better when she’s hustling against Hayden.

As Kenzie and Hayden push each other on the track, the electric vitality between them off the track shifts into an extreme – and entirely illegal – fascination. The main principle between their two ultra-focused groups is zero contact. Kenzie dependably does her best to play by the guidelines, however when her group slips into a budgetary emergency, she must choose the option to swing to Hayden for help. The strain stews amid their mystery, late-night rendezvous, yet Kenzie has an excessive amount to lose to offer into her goals. Particularly when she starts to uncertainty that Hayden has totally deserted his road life.

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