From Junk Food to Joy Food By Joy Bauer

From Junk Food to Joy Food By Joy Bauer

From-Junk-Food-to Joy Food By Joy BauerFrom Junk Food to Joy Food: All the Foods You Love to Eat…Only Better is written by Joy Bauer.

Everyone wants to be healthy ,good looking and feel fit,but with eating boring salads and eating boiled vegetables,will not allow us to stick with them to keep ourselves healthy and fit.Regular eating of salads and boiled vegetables will make you more irresistable for barbecue,milkshakes,and other delicious foods and you never stick to your boring salad diet plans.Joy Bauer brings your favorite food with huge drop in calories without compromising in taste and flavor.

In her book,Joy shares with you how you can make your favorite food with less calories without losing its taste and flavor.With some very simple techniques, she changes, 1100 calories bacon cheese burger into a mere 425 calories delicious bacon cheese burger.

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Her book has all the food like mint chocolate chip ice cream to Buffalo wings with creamy bleu cheese dip,meatballs and spaghetti to Boston cream pie,Tso’s chicken and much more.
It has upto 120 food recipes with photos.From Junk Food to Joy Food is wrapped with breakfast recipes, soups, salads,pizzas,mocktails,pastas,suppers,dips,and much more.
Donot avoid your faviorte food just learn how to make it healthy and cook it with joy and then Enjoy the same with very less calories.and in this From Junk Food to Joy Food will help you without compromising with its falover and taste.

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