For the Love of English by A.M. Hargrove

For the Love of English by A.M. Hargrove .This was a book that very abandoned me “under the rainbow” today. AM Hargrove is one of those writers where I go in visually impaired so I truly didn’t realize what I would kick until I off perusing. AM Hargrove conveys a heart halting, delightful, attractive, sweet, heart desensitizing, lovable story that will abandon you with the warm and fuzzies. A story whereby a solitary young father ventures up to the plate to bring up his little girl, a young lady whose aspiration in life is to be glad, to be “under the rainbow” each and every day.

Beckley Bridges’ life transformed one day with a surprising chestnut box conveyance, a cocoa box that contained his infant little girl with a note and lawful parental rights papers saying she was the aftereffect of a one night stand and that the mother couldn’t adapt. He was at school, his life was ready for whoever gets there first, however when he set eyes on that little child pack he got to be one over defensive father that lived and relaxed for his girl’s bliss. A lovable, cunning, clever young lady called, English. A young lady that you really wanted to become hopelessly enamored with. Presently an effective picture taker, Beck has gone to that time in life where English begins school and it is here that his way crosses with Sheridan Monroe.

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