Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale Ebook

Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale Ebook

everything-we-keep-kerry-lonsdale“Everything We Keep: A Novel” is written by Kerry Lonsdale.Amiee Tierney is desperately in love with James, her childhood friend and sweetheart. They were grown together and James helped and protected Amiee in every situation. And after their long friendship they got engaged. For their better future Amiee also purchased her own parents restaurant.Exactly few days before their wedding james went on a business trip to Mexico. A trip from where he never come back alive only his body returned. So, rather saying vows of their weddings, Amiee burried James on their proposed wedding day.

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Wrecked, Amiee almost spend more than a year in accepting James’s death. Then she decided to move on. And in her life she met Ian, a photographer another perfect man like James. As she met Ian, she has developed feelings for him. Suddenly, some messages send by a physic to Amiee that James is alive again deag back her in her past.

BUt the messages and feelings for James were still disturbing her and she wanted to find out the truth behind it and by finding the truth she can easily move on her life confidently.

After almost two years of James’s pretended death, Amiee and Ian went to Mexico, to find her fiancee, who is undoubtful is not dead. As both searched for James, many unrevealed secrets and truths revealed. The truth of James and his family will leave Amiee shattered forever or will it set Amiee free.

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