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Entrapment (Infidelity, #4) by Aleatha Romig
“Entrapment (Infidelity) (Volume 4)” is written by Aleatha Roming.

The genre of ‘Entrapment’ is Romantic Suspense.Aleatha has also written Consequences, Tales From The Dark Side, Insidious, Betrayal, Into The Light, away From Dark and Infidelity series.

‘Entrapment’ is the fourth book of the series ‘Infidelity’.Alexandria ‘Charli’ Collins is back and she is controlled by Alton, Suzanna and Bryce. Whatever she does is watched by trio and she is no more free to do anything she wishes. Her freedom is forfeited by alton, Suzanna and Bryce. She is now a puppet in the hands of these three as they have her mother with them and so Charlie is doing whatever they want her to do , to save her mother.

On the other hand Lennox ‘Nox’ and his father came together to save the lady whom they loved the most. They joined hands to bring her back from the house of horrors. This is only the reason that they keep their differences aside and worked together.Chelsea is also a victim. She is suffering more than Charlie but still she is loyal to her friend, even in worse conditions.

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Bryce, is a psychopath. He ia arrogant, short tempered, violent and moral less man. Bryce was the man to whom Charlie wanted to marry, but now she is a puppet in his hands. He is exploiting, humiliating and dominating her.
Like Chelsea, Patrick is also loyal to Charlie. His mother also tries to help them.

Aleatha has written a very captivating story with new twists and turns. This story is about the greed of power and money where no compromises are made. Aleatha has written a romantic suspense novel with a strong hero who know what he wants in life and from his life. And heroine who is also strongly determined to her aims and has her own plans to achieve them. This story will make readers swoon one minute and at the very next minute they will be screaming.

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