Doubt by C. E. Tobisman

Doubt by C. E. Tobisman


“Doubt (Caroline Auden)” is written by C. E. Tobisman.’Doubt’ is her first novel featuring Caroline Auden. She is also written ‘Inside the Loop’.

The story starts with the hapless trot of an unidentified doctor. Then, it moves to Caroline Auden. She was a computer hacker and now she got a job in a top Los Angeles Law firm and the one who hired her was formerly her law school professor. In her first meet with the attorney, she helped him with some computer problem, and showed that she had a strong technical background also. Caroline has many bugs and personal nervousness. Her fights with her anxiety and with her past never collapses her into tears. She attempts hard and moves forward to complete one challenge to another.

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Her first assignment was to find the scientific affirmation aiding a purpose and its reaction among genetically altered soy method and kidney collapse. To find the truth behind GMO, she dig into dike. As she moves she near the truth, and she works for justice she has to mend the laws. In her investigation she finds the deep rooted links between the death of well renowned scientist and the hazy biotech titan. She tech background and her firm leads her into spiderweb. The time is running fast and millions of lives are in great danger along with her own’s life. But this computer hacker and legal newbie must prove that a billion dollar biotech giant is responsible for millions of deaths before they caught her.

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