Dinosaur Dance book online by Sandra Boynton

Dinosaur Dance book online by Sandra Boynton

dinosaur-dance-by-sandra-boynton“Dinosaur Dance!” is written and illustrated by Sandra Boynton.The genre of ‘Dinosaur Dance’is Arts, Music and Photography.

Sandra Boynton is a famous American children’s author, songwriter, illustrator and humorist. She has illustrated and written more than 40 books for both children and adult. She also has designed more than 4000 greeting cards and 4 music albums.

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‘Dinosaur Dance’ is a board book about dancing dinosaurs with their names.

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Boynton has created a prehistoric bundle, to make everybody feet-clump and enjoy with huge, lovable and cute dinosaurs. Even every dinosaur has its name. Children will enjoy dancing on any of the song whether it is the Quivery Quake sonh , The Shimmy shimmy Shake, or just Cha- Cha-Cha. ‘dinosaur Dancing’ will surely make children chuckle along these charming and lovable critters. All the illustrations are very cute and the author has given her best to amaze the kids.

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