Cradle and All by James Patterson

“Cradle and All” is written by James Patterson.The genre of ‘Cradle and All’ is Contemporary Fiction.James Patterson has also written the Alex Cross novel detective series, Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider.
Anne Fitzgerald, was a nun, now she is working as a private investigator. She was appointed by the Archdiocese of Boston to inspect the flawless fertilization.

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As Kathleen, a young girl, is pregnant, and she was claiming that she is a virgin and she lives in Massachusetts. After meeting Kathleen, Anne felt like she is on a tour of faith, trust and conscience with God. When Anne finds that another girl Colleen, from Ireland, is also pregnant and she is also claiming that she is a virgin. After correlating both the incidents with the prediction announced beforehand by the Virgin Mother in 1917 in Fatima. The prophecy is that the child of God and the child of Devil(Shatan) would be born by Virgins. After this Anne finds the significance of her investigation. All the climates, sickness, floods, droughts which are sweeping the nature, earth and people are just because of this only. Horrifying powers of darkness and light are collecting and they are showing their effect on mankind. Now, Anne finds that three of them are in great danger. To protect the earth, mankind, Anne has to find the truth behind all these conceptions and protect the earth, mankind and herself.

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