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Clean House: Exposing Our Government’s Secrets and Lies by Tom Fitton

clean-house-exposing-our-governments-secrets-and-lies-by-tom-fitton“Clean House: Exposing Our Government’s Secrets and Lies” is written by Tom Fitton.The genre of ‘Clean House’ is Politics and Government.

‘Clean House’ gives us a tour through inculpating documents from the attack in Benghazi, The IRS Scandal, secret emails of Hillary Clinton and the Obamacare scam.

Tom Fitton is ‘Judicial Watch President’ and the writer of ‘The Corruption Chronicles’ divulges what America’s largest wathdog agency has unveiled, the scandals of Obama’s second term.Tom as the President of Judicial Watch, America’s biggest unbiased government watchdog, has examined the Clinton, Bush and Obama governments.Judicial Watch is the one who helped accuse Bill Clinton and led The Bush White House concealment thoroughly to the Supreme Court.

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From the starting of the Obama government, Judicial Watch has filed more than 700 open records demands and many of litigation, inclusive of a favorable decision over the undercover Obama White House Visitors logs.

All Americans are fairly bothered that they are going to lose their own country. They are confused how is it possible for Hillary to keep a secret email server for so many years? How is it possible that the smoking guns on Benghazi are missed by five Congressional committees? Will the IRS audit you if you participate in politics? Whether the America’s first target of Obama’s drone plan worked for the US government? How to receive Obamacare taxpayer subsidies congress committed fraud?

In his ‘Clean House’ Tom will give you answers to all of these queries and also give you dreadful proofs of the corruption native to the Obama White house.

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