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Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa
Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa.The genre of ‘Children of Eden’ is Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Ash and Rowen were twins. Ash was Rowen’s brother and ten minutes older than her. Because he came first in this world so he is the legal and she is illegal second child. It is the rule of Eden that there can be only one child per couple to control population.

Eden is the domed city and the only civilization on the earth as people have destroyed the earth. To make people survive properly without any difficulties, Eden has made severe rules. The world outside the domed Eden is barren and dessert where no vegetation and living thing exists.Everyone who is inside this domed city, Eden keep it safe. But Rowen is the exception because she doesn’t exist in Eden. She was kept hidden in her parental house to keep her safe for last sixteen years. She was not allowed to go to school, to go outside and play, not to the temple, as her multicolored eyes will reveal her secret that she is the second child and illegal. If anyone finds that truth of her they will kill her.

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Ash is the only source of her who connected her with the outside world of Eden. She collect all the information about the world outside her home from Ash, what he has done in school? which colour dress her girlfriend wore today? everything. All the information make her crazy to see the world outside her house. She wants to see what her brother sees. And for a change, one night, she broke the rules and run away from her house where she was kept safe for last sixteen years. And this turned her world upside down. In the outside world she met a girl and she also isolates her fate. To survive outside she should learn to be brave, trust in others and also learn to believe in her own instincts and intuitions because now Eden knows that she is alive and will stop only when she is dead.

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