Change of Heart (Fostering Love, #2) by Nicole Jacquelyn

“Change of Heart (Fostering Love #2)” is written by Nicole Jacquelyn.The genre of ‘Change of Heart’ is Fiction.

Anita Martin was an orphan. She hardly expected anything from her life. Her childhood was filled with struggles. She was regularly transferring from one foster house to another.She had learned and managed everything herself. She doesn’t rely on anyone. Finally she found a family who accepted her with love and taking care of her also. Abraham, the oldest son of the family, was the one who always make her feel like an outsider in her new home. They always fight, argue and insult each other.

Abraham is dispirited and reserved. But is very possessive, loyal and protective for his love ones.Anita is also like Abraham in many ways. She feels uncomfortable with people who tries to come closer or care too much of her. She hardly shares her problems to anyone.

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Even after fifteen years, they still hate each other from the bottom of their heart. But even they are not aware of that their fights, arguments has developed a soft corner in their hearts for each other. One day the wall of hate fall down and they find themselves attracted to each other and they started spending hot passionate nights.

A life changing incident in Anita’s life pull away Abraham from her. After this incident, Anita realizes that Abraham is not able to provide her what she wants. Their feeble, unconditional relationship ends. Anita is trying to survive through all hardships of her life in one way or other. Abraham admits his feelings for Anita too late, when he realizes his love for her, Anita has moved on in her new life without Abraham.

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