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Exhume (Dr. Schwartzman Series Book 1) by Danielle Girard

“Exhume (Dr. Schwartzman Series Book 1)” is written by Danielle Girard. The genre of’Exhume’ is Mystery, Thriller and Suspense.Lastly Dr. Annabelle Schwartzman got the job which is wanted. She joined the San Francisco Police Department, as the medical examiner. Side by side, she is also working for Crime Detective Hal Harris. She unearths the stories… Read More »

The Unwanted Wife (Unwanted #1) by Natasha Anders

This is the account of a lady wedded to an icy and merciless man who appears to get joy from mortifying her, essentially a creature. However she knew this before she wedded him and stayed wedded to him despondently for year and a half before she chooses she’s had enough. However in spite of this… Read More »

Before Goodbye by Mimi Cross

Its true if I say, you can listen music in any emotion, it will always enhance your feelings.Before Goodbye, by Mini Cross is the story of Cate Reese for whom music is everything ,more than anything in her life.This music is the only way for Cate to unite with Cal Woods her childhood friend.Both Cate… Read More »

Bloodborne The Old Hunters Collector’s Edition Guide by Future Press

Bloodborne The Old Hunters Collector’s Edition Guide by Future Press is going to release on Dec 11,2015. This book is an expansion of its own guide.With this book Bloodborne collector’s will get its perfect companion. With the same trivialized look, exceptional detail and ornate extra content, these two books are designed — inside and out… Read More »