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Run Fast. Eat Slow.: Nourishing Recip by Elyse Kopecky

“Run Fast. Eat Slow.: Nourishing Recipes for Athletes” is written by Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky. The genre of ‘Run Fast. Eat Slow’ is Cookbooks, Food and Wine , Special diets. Shalane Flanagan is a world class marathoner and also a 4 time Olympian. He and chef Elyse Kopecky is presenting us a cookbook. Their… Read More »

Play Maker: A Sports Romantic Comedy by Katie McCoy

Nicole Grant functions as a barkeep in an extravagant inn in LA. She’s beguiling, wonderfully breathtaking, and has a capacity to peruse her clients to a tee. She cherishes messing around with folks, however she won’t get connected, she won’t stay more than a few hours, no rest overs, no long haul responsibility. She has… Read More »

The All-Star Antes Up by Nancy Herkness

The All-Star Antes Up (Wager of Hearts Book 2)” is written by Nancy Herkness.The genre of ‘The All-Star Antes Up’ is Romance. Nancy Herkness has also written Whisper Horse series. She has earned the Book Buyers Best Award, the Maggie Award, and the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award. ‘The All-Stars Antes Up’ is the… Read More »

Once Upon A Half-Time: A Secret Baby Romance by Sosie Frost kindle

Lachlan Reed toward the end of Beauty And The Blitz and we got a little look at how “Beguiling” he would have been and I wasn’t frustrated in any way! I cherished that he needs hesitant to demonstrate his adoration for the ones he cherished! He’s entertaining, sweet and faithful. We meet Elle as the… Read More »

Barbarian Days by William Finnegan

Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life Hardcover” is written by William Finnegan.The genre of ‘Barbarian Days’ is Water Sports.’Barbarian Days’ is a memoir of William Finnegan, a lifelong surfer. william grown up in Calfornia and Hawaii. He started surfing when he was a child. He has done surfing in all seas and oceans. He never left… Read More »

Boys Among Men by Jonathan Abrams

When Kevin Garnett shocked the world by announcing that he would not be attending college—as young basketball prodigies were expected to do—but instead enter the 1995 NBA draft directly from high school, he blazed a trail for a generation of teenage basketball players to head straight for the pros. That trend would continue until the… Read More »

Life Is Not an Accident by Jay Williams

This big-hearted memoir by the most promising professional basketball player of his generation details his rise to NBA stardom, the terrible accident that ended his career and plunged him into a life-altering depression, and how he ultimately found his way out of the darkness. Ten years ago, Jay Williams was at the beginning of a… Read More »