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Golden Girls Forever by Jim Colucci

The complete, first-ever Golden Girls retrospective, packed with hundreds of exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes and never-before-revealed stories, more than two hundred color and black-and-white photos, commentary, and more. They were four women of a certain age, living together under one roof in Miami—smart and strong Dorothy, airhead Rose, man-hungry belle Blanche, and smart-mouthed matriarch Sophia. They… Read More »

Mother, Can You Not? by Kate Siegel

There is nothing more wonderful than a mother’s love. There is also nothing more annoying. Who else can proudly insist that you’re perfect while simultaneously making you question every career, fashion, and relationship decision you have ever made? No one understands the delicate mother-daughter dynamic better than Kate Siegel—her own mother drove her so crazy… Read More »

Out of Sorts by Aurélie Valognes

“Out of Shorts” is narrated by Aurélie Valognes.It is a story of 83-year-old Ferdinand Brun.Ferdinand Brun hasnot always been a irritable old man.In her youth, he was a irritable young man.Now he spend time with his puppy friend, Daisy, than any of his curious neighbors. But as Ferdinand Brun’s conduct becomes more abnormal, his daughter… Read More »

Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids Mass by Rob Elliott

Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids Mass by Rob Elliott Rob Elliott’s “Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids” is filled with delightful one liners knock-knock jokes.It has plenty of tongue-twisters which young readers can share and have laughter blasts with their family and friends.This book has 121 pages of knock-knock jokes. Here is just one to share: Knock.Knock. Who’s… Read More »