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Born to Run Bruce Springsteen

born-to-run-bruce-springsteen“Born to Run” is written by Bruce Springsteen. The genre of ‘Born to Run’ is Arts, Photography and Music. Bruce had singed up for the Songwriters Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the New Jersey Hall of Fame. He has also received 20 Grammy Awards, the Kennedy Center Honors, and the Academy Award. ‘Born to Run’ is a memoir. When Bruce and E Street Band, performed, in 2009, at the Super Bowl’s halftime show, the experience of the show was so amazing on Bruce that he decided to give words to his this wonderful experience. This is the big reason behind the beginning of this extra ordinary journey. Bruce has spent about seven years to write about himself and his journey.

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He has written his story with same truthfulness, creativity, freshness and humor as his songs are. Bruce said that he came from a pathway town where nearly everything is imbued with a little of trickery. He was grown up as Catholic, in Freehold, New Jersey. Here he was surrounded by poetry, risk, and dark which give energy to his imaginations and he wrote such wonderful songs. When he saw ‘Elvis Presley’s’ debut on The Ed Sullivan Show, he mentioned it as ‘The Big Bang’. In his book he strongly tells about his never ending urge to become a musician. He also wrote about His days when he was a bar band king in Asbury Park and how the E Street Band came into existence. In ‘born to Run’, Bruce first time reveals his personal experiences and struggles which motivates him to give his best and he did it. After reading his book, we will reveals the meanings of his songs more deeply. The memoir is written with lyricism.

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