Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue


“Behold the Dreamers: A Novel” is written by Imbolo Mbue.The genre of ‘Behold the Dreamers’ is fiction.The story of the novel is of a Cameroonian couple who immigrated to New York to make their future in America. Jende Jonga, his wife Neni, and their six year old son came to United States to live a better life and for their better future . In 2007, Jonga, got a job as a chauffeur, of a senior executive at LEHMAN BROTHERS, Clark Edwards. Clark has some requirements for the job of chauffer as punctuality, attention, maturity and loyalty and Jende fulfills all these requirements. Neni, also got the job at Clark’s summer home in the Hamptons.

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They were happy with these opportunities, because by these jobs, they got a base for their better future in America. Jende’s is not the citizen of America and this is a big problem for Jende and a threat of deportin his family back to Cameroon is always disturbed him. Clark Edward has everything one could want: a beautiful family, big homes, money but few worries also. But the financial crisis of 2007 has shaken the lives of both Edward’s and Jonga’s. Both the families have their own worries and they are struggling in different ways. “Behold the Dreamers” has shown us that in this world everything can be purchased by money except Happiness and being wealthy has its own difficulties and challenges. It is a real picture of the life of immigrants and their struggle and difficulties.

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