Before the Fall by Noah Hawley

Before the Fall by Noah Hawley

Before the Fall by Noah Hawley PDF, Kindle, eBOok

” Before the Fall” is written by Noah Hawley.

A jet plan crashes. Eleven people were travelling in this plane. This plane departed from Martha’s Vineyard for New York City. The unexpected happend just after sixteen minutes of journey. The plane sinks into the ocean. From these eleven people, ten were powerful businessmen and the eleventh was a not so famous painter Scott Burroughs. And Scott and a four year old child were the survivors from this crash. It was Scott who swam 15 miles to save himself and the child,JJ, who is the last surviving member of an excessively rich and powerful media Mogul,s family.

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The story of “Before the Fall” is containing the backstories of the crew members and the passangers and the impact of the crash. What is the reason behind the plane crash, makes up the bottom line of all the investigations of NTSB ans the FBI. Media is making their own theories behind the plane crash; as the pilot mistake, terrorist attack, kidnapping, co-pilot with drugs.

After saving JJ, Scottis getting unwanted fame. Noe Scott is dealing with his unwanted fame and dangers which come along with. He is also concerend with the security and saftey of JJ, who is now the owner of $103 million trust fund.

“Before the Fall’ is a thriller novel. This shows the delicate relationship between Scott and JJ. It also raise queries of destiny, human behaviour and nature, and the complex ties that bind people together.

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