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By | January 8, 2016
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“Always Hungry?: Conquer Cravings, Retrain Your Fat Cells, and Lose Weight Permanently” is written by David Ludwig.

The genre of ‘Always Hungry’ is Diets and Weight loss.David Ludwig. the leading expert of Harvard Medical School and TIME magazine’s ‘Obesity Warrior’ has given new and amazing rules for weight loss, healthy diet and good health.

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For more than twenty years research, Dr. David Ludwig, is doing research on weight control. His revolutionary studies prove that overeating is not the reason of being fat. Overeating is the result of the process of getting fat. How much weight will you lose or gain, depends on fat cells. Fat cells plays a vital role in gaining and losing weight. So whatever you have learned about dieting yet, forget everything. Dr. David Ludwig, has presented a totally new plan which will help you to lose weight without any weakness, hunger and with his diet plan your health also improve and you feel excited and energetic. As per the researches conducted by Dr. David, he concludes that when we eat ‘low fat diet’ to reduce our weight, these ‘low fat diet’ works against our body and metabolism as they absorb most of the calories from the fat cells and leave very few for rest of the body to utilize. And this will directly effect on our body. It reduces our stamina, our immunity and the most harmful effect we started gaining weight instead of losing.

‘Always Hungry?’ is the combination of three-phase program that will totally ignore the calories intake and it will directly hit the fat cells which are responsible for our weight gain. The meal plans and recipes given by Dr. David include appetizing high fat foods such as nuts butter, nuts, dark chocolates, avocados and full fat dairy products, natural carbohydrates and also delicious proteins.

The result is totally positive on our body. With this diet fat cells of our body start releasing calories and we start losing weight and even inches without feeling hungry , with feeling tired whole day and without doing any compromises with our health and body.

With ‘Always Hungry’ will give you freedom to forget calories, forget dieting and eat freely but healthy and also lose your weight.

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