All the Light We Cannot See Story 2015 With Reviews.

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Al-the-Light-We-Cannot-See-pdfAll the Light We Cannot See. One of the best Book of the 2015.This book is written by famous novelist and American author Anthony Doerr. Published on May 2015.Story is about second world war, the whole story is based on The blind French girl and a German boy. Marie is the name of the blind french girl. Marie got fully blind by cataracts at the age of 6.Her world was full of Imagination and her father is the only person to look after her and helps her in every aspect. When the Nazis invade France in 1940, Marie-Laure and her father flee to the coastal town of Saint-Malo and due to certain reasons her father disappears to hide himself to get caught from the Germans. Leaving Marie-Laure With her uncle.

8-year-old German Boy Werner Pfennig is an orphan in the coal-mining town of Zollverein. He and his sister Jutta live together. Werner was a talented guy with keen interest in science and for radio mechanics. His talent and curiosity towards science is proved from the his childhood when he managed to repair the old Radio.

Werner’s skills and talent provided a place at a nightmarish training school for the Nazi military elite. Now The Real story of the novel starts from here, when Werner realizes that science is to help humans not for taking lives. Werner and his unit were sent to the task and during this period he met with Marie-Laurie. When you will read the book author has beautifully explained the time spent by Werner and Marie-Laure. Strong bond was between them. In the End Werner saves her life, but becomes gravely sick. Although he seems to recover, Werner mistakenly enters a field of landmines at night and ends up triggering a mine that ends his life. For Rest story in detail you can download the pdf, Epub version formats and enjoy reading All the Light We Cannot See¬†Book.

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