A Girl’s Guide to Moving On by Debbie Macomber

A Girl’s Guide to Moving On by Debbie Macomber

Girls--Guide--To--moving--on-Book--FTR“A Girl’s Guide to Moving On” is about how husband’s betrayal and cheating destroy woman’s self confidence and how with their inner strength make them strong to face the outer world on their own.

Nichole lives happily with her husband Jack and her son Owen in an upscale apartments outside of Portand,Oregon.
Nichole and Jack are members of most prestigious country club’s of Oregon.Her mother-in-law Leanne, is her best friend.Nichole assumed that her life is perfect and her husband is the most loving and caring husband of the world.All her thoughts ruined when her mother-in-law told her about Jake’s extra marital affair or multiple marital affairs.Nichole was surprised why her mother-in-law told this rude truth to her.

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Leanne,told her, when she found that Jake is following his father’s footsteps (cheating his wife),she decided to fight against it and don’t want that Nichole also go through the same humiliation she is going for last so many years.When Nichole decided to divorce Jake ,Leanne also filed divorce and supported her daughter-in-law in her hard time.After filing divorce, both of them moved in their new apartment. And.And to get through this pain both Nichole and Leanne made a list of ways , they named it “A Guide to Moving ON”.Both of them start doing part time jobs to meet their daily needs.After some time both of them make new friends and try to give new direction and live happy and faithful life In this reader will find how a mother and her daughter-in-law boldly come out from their bothered marriages and deal the challenge to start again with new identity and strength.

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