A Family Affair: Truth in Lies by Mary Campisi.

A Family Affair: Truth in Lies by Mary Campisi.

 A Family Affair: Truth in Lies (Truth in Lies, Book 1)is written by Mary Campisi.Charles Blacksworth,CEO of Blacksworth & Company Investments,met with an accident,his car hit the guardrail and flipped over an embankment and died on an icy road in Magdalena,New York.This place where he met with an accident was 100 miles away from his ‘gateway’cabin, which he used to visit once in a month.After his death, his daughter,Christine Blacksworth finds that her father’s secret.Her father has one more family which was a secret to all.This family includes,Ms.Lily Desantro and her daughter.The truth of her father was revealed by Thurman Jacobs, her father’s attorney and friend.He revealed this secret when he disclosed her father’s will and shared mr.blacksworth property equally in three parties.Christine leads to Magdalena, to find the truth about her father’s second family.She just hate those people who have made her to ask herself whether she knew her father or not? But when she met her father’s mistress,she meets a lady who understands Christine’s position,mental state and her pain.She also met a half sister who tries to cherishes her and tries to make her clam and happy.As more and more time she is spending with them she is getting more confused about which family is the Real family ?

A Family Affair is a drama loaded with rayal,redemption,forgiveness,heartache and about people whom you love from the deapth of your heart and also of thoses also whom you hate the most in this world.

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