12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup

12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup


“Twelve Years a Slave” is a memoir by Solomon Northup.

Northup, was born on July 10,1807, now known as Essex County Town , Minerva moved(Adirondack Mountains). Noethup’s father, was a slave, when he was freed, he moved to the neighbouring Washington County with his family. Northup married Anne Hampton and they lived in Fort Edward’s18th century house, which is now turned into a museum. Northup worked onhis father’s farm and he also rafted timber between Fort Edward and the southern end of Lake Champlain. Anne got a job in one of the spa chain, so Northup, his wife and two kids shifted to nearby Saratoga Springs. In Saratoga Springs Northup got the job of a musician. In 1841, two white men drugged him and kidnapped him. They briught him to New Orleans and here Northup was sold and send into slavery.

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Northup went through 12 years of his life as a slave working on a Louisiana cotton plantation. And his friends in Saratoga were trying to give his freedom back and finally they won his freedom. In 1853, he expressed his suffering through a memoir that led to a expressing journey which was supported by revolutionaries. WShen the Civil Wars were at their heights in 1863, he was ceased and never seen and heard again. It is a mystry when and how Northup died and burried.

A movie was also featured “12 Years A Slave” and bagged The Academy Awards For best picture, best supporting actress and best adapted screenplay. In the end of the movie, a note appears,”the date, location and circumstances” of Northrup’s death remain unknown.

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